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Whether you’re needing an emergency root canal or appointment, our patients are in agreeance that Dr. Mitchell is the best root canal specialist in the South Florida area. To learn more about our high level of patient care read our testimonials or visit our Healthgrades to see more.

Robert Describes his Referral Experience

I was recently advised to either have root canal treatment for a molar tooth or have the tooth extracted and get a dental implant. Having read about the medical difficulties Dick Van Dyck, the actor, has been having, which have been attributed to dental implants he has, I decided to see an endodontist and have root canal therapy done. I was referred to Glen B. Mitchell, located in Boca Raton. I was recently in for a root canal. It was in a tooth in the back so my regular Dentist referred me to your office. Now I see why.

The procedure was virtually painless and was done quickly and professionally. I had some calcification in the root canal but that did not seem to phase anyone. Nor did it seem to add too much time to the overall procedure.Throughout the procedure both Doctor Mitchell and his assistant kept checking in with me to be sure I was OK. Very comforting.

Doctor Mitchell was methodical yet quick. And very adept. There were many changes in drills and other tools, and each transition required interaction between assistant and Doctor. And each transition went quickly and smoothly. You could really tell you were in the hands of a team of professionals.

The assistant went over the whole process ahead of time so that I knew what to expect and even covered some of the potential issues that might stray from the routine (such as the possibility of some calcification).The receptionist when through each of the documents that I was given made sure that I was clear on each of them. She also reviewed the conditions for the prescribed medicines I might take and what conditions would trigger me to fill (or not) fill the prescriptions.

Overall as good an experience as one could reasonably expect for the situation. In fact having been through a root canal many years earlier (different Doctor) it exceeded my expectations greatly.

Thank you for your attentive care and professionalism. –Robert Ricketts

Lawrence’s Emergency Root Canal

I must tell you that an endodontist is not my favorite specialty doctor. As we all know, getting a root canal isn’t something we look forward to experiencing. I had an emergency root canal situation and was able to get a last minute appointment with Dr. Mitchell. I arrived at 5:15 PM and Dr. Mitchell’s staff x-rayed and prepared me for the procedure.

The doctor came into the room, walked over to me, extended his hand and said “Hi, my name is Glen Mitchell.” I don’t remember ever having a doctor introduced himself using his first name. That simple gesture immediately put my mind at ease and I knew the procedure would go well. The procedure took about 45 minutes and when it was over I thanked Dr. Mitchell for a painless surgery.

Of course the anesthesia was still in effect so the real test was about three hours later when it wore off. It amazed me that I still didn’t feel any pain. One week later I started to chew on the tooth and still felt no pain.

To sum it up, my visit with Dr. Mitchell and his caring, professional staff was an unexpected “10.”

Thank you for a very positive and successful surgical experience. Make it a joyous day! -Lawrence Heyman

Lauren Elizabeth’s First Root Canal Experience

I went to Mitchell Endodontics for my first root canal, and boy was I nervous… But that didn’t last long! Dr. Glen Mitchell is outstanding at what he does. He has the best bedside manner I’ve seen in a long time, he always makes sure his patients are comfortable – and that’s very reassuring! Not to mention how incredibly knowledgeable he is and how good he is at communicating with his patients, I would highly recommend his practice to anyone! Thank you again! 🙂 –Lauren Elizabeth

Cyndi Expresses Her Gratitude

I have just completed my appointments with my Dentist to have a cap placed on the root canal tooth that you (Dr. Glen) recently worked on me. I have a terrible fear of DDS, but I wanted to express my gratitude to both of you for your professionalism and patience in dealing with my issues. I cannot say it was a pleasant experience, but you both made it certainly tolerable.

Dr. Glen, I cannot thank you enough for your working late on a Friday evening and squeezing me into your very busy practice. You have renewed my faith in medicine and what it means to be thoughtful and beyond considerate of your patients. I was in terrible pain, popping I can’t even count how many advil pain relief before visiting you. As soon as you completed your procedure I felt like a new woman! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I would also like to comment on the professionalism of your staff. The front desk ladies were extremely patient, kind and caring as well as your assistant. I am so grateful to Dr. Coello for referring you.

I have finally convinced my husband, Dana, to leave our old DDS and I might add friend of 17 years, to use your services. You know what a perfectionist I tend to be when it comes to caps. You took your time and I am thrilled with the results. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your staff as well is to be commended. I always feel that they truly know me and care about me when I visit the office, which is much more lately than I’d like! Most importantly, thanks for the 5 valium pills! Next time I have a procedure, I will be sure to take them (not all 5 at once!).

As a recruiter in the health field industry myself, I appreciate your stellar customer service and just wanted to thank you both…I hope I won’t be needing your services in the near future but if I do I will certainly call. Thank you again, I will be happy to send my friends your way.

Wishing you all the best, Cyndi Stamler

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