New and Returning Patients

We’ve provided our patient forms for your convenience. Simply download, fill the form out, and email it back to us OR print it out and bring along with you to your appointment. If you have any questions feel free to call or email us at (561) 368-3636.

For a PDF copy of our available forms, please select from the following:

Endo Consent Form
Endodontic Informed Consent
Bisphosphonate Drugs MM
Health History MM
Treatment Complete MM
HIPAA Disclosure

What to Know For Your First Appointment:

In general there is not much preparation on the patient’s end for a root canal. We suggest you wear comfortable clothing and avoid eating immediately prior to your appointment. We ask that you inform the Dr. of all prescription medications you are taking. If your root canal appointment is not for a week, we advise our patients to avoid cold and hot foods until then.

What our patients say

These days, when you go to a doctor’s office, you are lucky if they ask you for anything but your credit card number. At this office, the feeling I got was that all my problems were over! And after I met Dr. Mitchell, and he performed the treatment, they were.
Doctor Mitchell was methodical yet quick. And very adept. There were many changes in drills and other tools, and each transition required interaction between assistant and Doctor. And each transition went quickly and smoothly. You could really tell you were in the hands of a team of professionals.
I went to Mitchell Endodontics for my first root canal, and boy was I nervous… But that didn’t last long! Dr. Glen Mitchell is outstanding at what he does. He has the best bedside manner I’ve seen in a long time, he always makes sure his patients are comfortable – and that’s very reassuring!
Amazing experience. Root canals have changed so much over the years! The new technology at Dr. Mitchell’s office made it easy and, fast and pain free. Thank you!

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