Emergency Root Canals

Emergency Root Canals Offered in Boca Raton

Because root canal specialists focus solely on root canal therapy and leave other dental procedures to general dentists, it allows them to have a flexible schedule to handle emergency root canals. Even though insurance companies classify root canal treatment as an emergency in their health coverage, dentists see it as a matter of diagnosing a problem and fixing it immediately using their knowledge and experience before other greater risks arise. Deferring dental treatment for long might turn into a life-threatening situation. In the case of root canals, once bacteria make it through the outer part of the tooth, cavities may form and cause tooth decay. While there is a chance you might not experience pain, there is a risk you might lose your tooth or even get a bone infection, which can cause inflammation.

Conditions for Having Emergency Root Canals

Emergency root canals might be required if there are strong signs of endodontic infection. Here are some conditions to be on the lookout for: ›Extensive tooth decay, penetrating all the way into the pulp chamber. ›Gum disease. ›Trauma to teeth, either through accidents or injury. ›Persistent tooth pain due to an infection. Bacteria left behind after treatment can also cause pain. ›Cracked teeth, which allow bacteria through spaces thus leading to infection. ›Poor root canal treatment, for instance: ineffectual cleaning of tooth during procedure, use of defective materials, or erosion of sealer material allowing bacteria back into the canals. ›Undetected tooth problems, such as damaged roots. ›Failed root canal treatment, either due to branched canals which are difficult to detect or even access; or treatment done by an inexperienced dentist instead of an endodontist. ›Fractured tooth due to chewing hard foods or ice cubes, attempting to cut objects with teeth, or participating in contact sports without wearing a mouth guard.

Cost of Emergency Root Canals

Root canal costs depend on: ›Position and access to tooth – either front or back. ›Additional restoration procedures such as applying a permanent filling. ›Re-treatments and removing permanent crowns will cost more. ›Your insurance coverage for emergency and restorative dental treatment. ›Postponed treatments that lead to greater problems and thus higher costs of treatment. ›Medication prescribed prior to treatment such as antibiotics to treat abscess.

Averting the Risk of Dental Emergencies

The best way to ward off potential dental emergencies is to visit the dentist for checkups. Having x-rays done can help identify problems inside the teeth before they require treatment. In case you have a broken or cracked tooth, rinse the mouth with warm water to disinfect it and place something cold on your cheek to keep any swelling down. Then make your way immediately to Dr. Glen Mithchell, Boca Raton root canal specialist for immediate treatment. The consequences of failing to get an emergency root canal are: the risk of infection leading to abscesses, swelling, and potentially losing your tooth if the damage is extensive.